Automotive Wire Harnesses and Assemblies at Dongguan Jiafu.

- Aug 09, 2018-


Automotive Wire Harnesses and Assemblies at Dongguan Jiafu.

Dongguan Jiafu is a leading manufacturer of wire harness for automotive applications. Our automotive wiring harness solutions allow effective transmission of power and information through the vehicle. We design and manufacture wire harnesses and switches for the smooth functioning of various automobile features including sound, lighting, and control systems.

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Individual wires in the automotive wire harness are designed to fulfill the respective function, such as transmitting power or sensor signals. We are manufacturing wire harness (including motorcycle wire harness, medical wire harness, airplane wire harness, automobile wire harness, games console wire harness, communication wire harness and audio & video wire harness), auto switches (including seat heating switches, fog lighting switches, warning switches), auto connectors and sockets (OBD, DC and AC).

Our automotive wire harness manufacturing capabilities include:

· We use only the finest quality materials

· Wire harnesses can be fabricated for use in extreme conditions

· The cable harnesses are tested at various stages of the fabrication process

· Our wiring harnesses have good pliability and resistance to high temperatures

· We can customize wire harnesses based on your specifications and requirements

· Cable harnesses are manufactured according to the latest industry standards for safety and compliance

· They are available in a number of forms and dimensions to match particular requirements

· Our assemblies function efficiently without any disturbance and offer good sustainability even with      heavy loads

·We have UL, ISO, RoHS and TS16949 certificates.



"High quality, continuous improvement, meeting customers' requirements" is our idea.


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