Automotive wiring harness detector cleaning should pay attention to what problems

- Dec 28, 2016-

1, cleaning methods

Equipment cleaning must pay attention to cleaning methods, due to a variety of cleaning methods, different cleaning methods, the cleaning effect is different. Users in the cleaning equipment, cleaning methods must be selected correctly. In particular, automotive wiring harness detector equipment, once the cleaning method selection error, it will affect the accuracy of the detection equipment. Therefore, the user should carefully choose, according to the actual cleaning equipment needs.

2, cleaning requirements

Automotive wiring harness detector cleaning requirements, as long as the equipment to ensure cleaning time, running performance is not affected. Although the seemingly simple cleaning requirements, but in the actual cleaning time, many users are unable to meet the standard. Some users are not familiar with cleaning cleaning equipment, often damage the internal parts of equipment, resulting in damage to equipment, can not operate normally.

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