How to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of instantaneous break detector?

- Dec 28, 2016-

Instantaneous break detector can quickly and accurately detect the power outage, and other parameters, such as insulation resistance, on resistance, voltage, etc., the device is usually connected to the computer system, so memory storage function, you can record The time, location, total number of times, etc., greatly reduce the operator's work intensity.

Usually, quartz crystal is used as one of the detectors sold in the market, so the vibration signal source is more stable. In addition to the information processing inside the detector quickly, in the resistance of the measured value and the default value of the comparison, you can detect the continuity of the wiring harness, thus determining the time required for instantaneous disconnection. However, due to the operation of this process, the signal from input to output, it will inevitably lag phenomenon, there is a certain error. However, this can be pre-calibrated to eliminate the interference of the test results. After the calibration, you need to adjust the inspection required technical parameters. At the same time, the equipment should also be tested. However, the good news is that the market most of the detector self-test, you can automatically check the internal equipment to reduce the workload of the operator.

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