Introduction to Automotive Wire Harnesses

- Jul 19, 2018-

Wiring harnesses and cables are used in various industries, and the automotive industry is one of the largest users. Automobiles depend on different types of wire and cable harnesses for optimum performance. However, these harnesses are designed to operate in a wide range of extreme conditions, and have good liability. These cable wire harnesses are designed as per the electrical and geometrical requirements of automobiles.



Introduction to Automotive Wire Harnesses

A wire harness is defined as an assembly of electrical cables, which is used to transmit signals in various electrical applications. Automotive wire harnesses combine wiring of different electrical as well as electronic devices in a single system. In short, wiring harnesses are used in automobiles for transmission of signals, and powers different electronic and electrical devices.


Benefits of Automotive Wire Harnesses

Automotive wire harnesses provide several benefits, when compared to regular loose cables and wires, such as:

· Reduced Risk of Shorting: The wires are constricted into non-flexing bundles, which minimizes the risk of shorting in electrical circuits.

· Reduces Installation Time: The installation time for wire harnesses is significantly less when compared to loose wires. This also lowers the risk of fires caused by incorrect wiring.

· Made for Harsh Environments: The automotive wiring harnesses are made from durable materials, which make the wires ductile and durable. These harnesses can perform under harsh conditions, and can carry heavy power loads.

· Easy Customization: The wire harnesses used in automobiles can be easily customized to meet client specifications and requirements, such as specific color coding, high power transmission, etc.

· Valuable Contributions in Hybrid Cars: There is a high demand for hybrid cars that can provide optimum performance in harsh environmental conditions. In such cars, wiring and cable harnesses are used to transmit high currents in extreme conditions. These harnesses can handle electrical loads, resist electromagnetic noise, and high heat.

· Environment-friendly: Wiring harnesses are environment-friendly because they play a major role in improving the fuel efficiency of any automobile.


Today, many manufacturers such as Dongguan Jiafu custom wire harnesses to meet diverse and complex automotive requirements of their clients. These harnesses are designed using durable materials, and rigorous quality check is performed at each level of production. Most of these wire harnesses are designed for easy installation and meet electrical requirements of automobiles.


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