The user should be cautious about the momentary fault detector calibration

- Dec 28, 2016-

1, zero

Calibration work is to zero detection equipment to remove the detector work data to ensure that the accuracy of the instrument measurement. Zero is very simple, as long as the device calibration device placed in the original position, but when placed, the user is often very random, resulting in the device calibration device is not placed, resulting in detector detection problems, can not accurately measure.

2, check the device

The long-term application of the device for instantaneous break-off detector will cause various problems, leading to the problem of detector detection. When users use the detector, be sure to pay attention to the device device is a problem. Once found problems, we must promptly resolve, to avoid affecting the entire device applications. Therefore, the user to regularly check the device, in order to ensure the application value of the device.

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