What is the continuity tester? Use the detector should pay attention to what problems

- Dec 28, 2016-

Conductivity detector is mainly used in the electrical industry, measuring electrical safety, security circuit application security. The use of the detector, the biggest feature is the ground lead, it and the ground connection, to ensure the safety of equipment operation. However, when the equipment is used for a long time, the grounding lead connection may be affected by environmental factors, such as corrosion and breakage, leading to increased grounding lead resistance, which can not meet the application standard. Therefore, the user when using the device tester must pay attention to regularly check the ground lead connection.

Conduction detector application, I believe that people are familiar with the understanding. However, the equipment in the application, the user should pay attention to the use of detector details, the only way to ensure the value of equipment. Here we take a look at the details of the use of conduction detector.

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