What kind of short-break detector? What's the difference?

- Dec 28, 2016-

Instantaneous break detector is a relatively common modern equipment, it also attracted the attention of more scientific research workers, in our continuous efforts, the instantaneous break detector type gradually increased, so that interconnection device measurement with more Select, then the broken-off detector in accordance with the structure can be divided into several categories? Here let us look at it.

MICT85 series of short-break tester:

The MICT85 series of intermittent tester is our commonly used interconnection device vibration measurement equipment, the device at work, the shaft can be along the direction perpendicular to the spindle to move, because it itself has the appropriate guidance device, the device The internal horizontal beam is supported on the two pillars, which constitutes the vibration we can usually observe the interconnection device.

NM-10A instantaneous break detector:

NM-10A short-break detector in use, the interconnection devices are usually moving along the guide groove, moving the deflection is relatively small, so the measurement results are often highly accurate. NM-10A short-break detector rail is located in its internal pillar on the surface, and its pillars are fixed in the mechanical body on top of this break-off detector is often also has a high accuracy, because of its work , Only the beam is moving along the axis, so the inertia is very small, so in its manual operation time is relatively easy.

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