Wire harness connector detector application in the automotive line detection

- Dec 28, 2016-

Car driving, the sudden failure is not a headache thing? Especially in the wild and barren places in the travel, the vain before the store could not the village, a little way not at all. The wiring harness connector detector is the equipment to detect vehicle failure equipment, and now a lot of car manufacturers in the automotive production will be installed on the harness connector detector, through its installation can be real-time understanding of where the car line inside the problem, play Reminder, at this point do not misunderstand, but the role of detection, and can not achieve the maintenance function, by reminding the owner in advance to know the car fault, and maintenance, play a proactive role.

What is the meaning of harness connector tester?

1, the high degree of accuracy

Harness connector detector main function is to check the car line condition, in the use of the details can even be a particular part of the problem, to accurately point out which place is out of order. Give a simple example, when the car line problems, the use of testing equipment testing, the first time the driver can understand where the problem, thereby reducing the risk rate;

2, real-time

Harness connector detector in use with real-time features, as well as reporting functions, such as the car during driving, once the line problems, testing equipment will inform the driver the first time the current line of operation in order to allow driving Timely processing;

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