The Car Wire Harness Is The Network Main Body Of The Automobile Circuit

- Jun 08, 2017-

  The car wire harness is the network main body of the automobile circuit, there is no wiring harness and there is no automobile circuit. In modern automobiles, the electronic control system is closely related to the wiring harness. The ECU, the sensor and the Executive component function uses the human body to analogy, may say the ECU is the human brain, the sensor is equivalent to the sensory organ, executes the component to be equal to the movement organ. Obviously, the mind and various organs, without nerves and blood vessels, human hands and feet will not be functioning properly. With the improvement of automobile safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements, the number of circuits and the quantity of electric power increase greatly, so that it has become a problem for the automobile manufacturing industry to make a lot of wiring harness more effective and reasonable layout in the limited vehicle space.

  car wire harness to adapt to the versatility of vehicles and user demand diversification, car occupancy space gradually expanded. In fact, improving the fuel economy and reducing the weight of the car, the wire itself from the original AV line continuously reduces the diameter, AVS line to Avss line, wire harness diameter is constantly reduced.

  One of the effective ways to reduce the weight of the wiring harness is to decrease the size and weight of the connectors and relays. We know that there are hundreds of wire harness connectors in the wiring harness, and with the development of technology and the development and application of materials, the volume and weight of wire harness connectors are decreasing. At present, the small connectors developed by Sumitomo Corporation of Japan will reduce $number under the same functional requirements. Similarly, as an important part of the wiring harness system, the relays are also miniaturized and lightweight and integrated in various controllers, so that the volume of the relay will decrease as the size of the device is lowered.

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