Application And Practice Of Injection Molding Technology In Car Plastic Parts

- Nov 06, 2017-

To determine the injection molding machine clamping force formula is as follows: P clamping ≥ P cavity × F / 100. Where: P mold clamping force for the injection molding machine (or clamping force) KN; P cavity for the cavity average pressure, MPa, and the product structure and shape, precision and cavity per model and so on, the value The range is generally between 25-40MPa; F is the mold cavity, runner and feed inlet horizontal overlap projection area CM3.

In order to ensure reliable mold clamping, Car Plastic Parts injection molding process clamping force must be less than the injection molding machine rated clamping force. The maximum theoretical injection volume of the injection molding machine matches the tonnage of the injection molding machine and is the nominal injection capacity of the injection molding machine at the factory with polystyrene (PS) as the reference resin.

According to the characteristics of automotive complex plastic parts and injection molding machine drive on the form and clamping mechanism design, the current domestic use of more hydraulic or hydraulic hydraulic elbow, or the center of direct injection mold clamping mechanism machine. Terry Machinery Co., Ltd. after years of hard work, breaking the traditional constraints, developed a two-plate clamping pressure, Car Plastic Parts composite mode-locked mechanical form.

The superiority of this structure lies in its open mold stroke is far greater than the hydraulic toggle clamping structure, at least 2 times more to meet the large plastic parts (such as bumpers, dashboards, etc.) production needs. Secondly, the clamping mode adopts 4 compound cylinders to lock synchronously, with a small flow rate to achieve a stable clamping of large tonnage. The clamping force can be higher than that of the hydraulic bending and clamping structure of the same tonnage. On the car large complex plastic parts molded complex surface to give full assurance accuracy.

Due to the complicated cavity surface of auto parts, the injection molding machine should consider its particularity in the design, and configure some special function programs: such as multi-core pulling function, timing control function, injection mold matching mold changing device function, matching Pieces of robotic device function and so on. These special features in the production of Car Plastic Parts in the obvious advantages. For example, with this type of injection molding machine in the production process of the bumper, in order to shorten the production cycle, by taking the robot automatically remove the mold after the mold opened out large plastic parts, multiple pumping core large plastic products smooth top Out, will not produce top white or cracking phenomenon. At present, we used in this injection molding system mostly 3-axis pickup robot, individual 6-axis pickup robot.

Car Plastic Parts advantages, the advantages of Car Plastic Parts complex:

1, plastic can be a molding, processing time is short, accuracy is guaranteed.

2, the elastic deformation characteristics of plastic products can absorb a lot of collision energy, have a strong impact on the buffer, the vehicle and occupant play a protective role. Hyundai cars are plasticized dashboard and steering wheel to enhance the cushioning effect. Front and rear bumpers, body trim are made of plastic material to reduce the impact of objects on the car body. Plastic also has the ability to absorb and attenuate vibration and noise, which can improve ride comfort.

3, plastic corrosion resistance, partial damage will not be corroded.

4, through the addition of different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners to produce the required performance of the plastic to suit the different components of the car's use requirements. More convenient is the plastic color can be transferred through the additive different colors, eliminating the trouble of painting. Some plastic parts can also be electroplated.

On the other hand, the special appearance and size requirements of injection molded parts of complex automobile parts have raised the threshold and risk for the development of injection molded parts for automobiles.

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