Application Of Engineering Plastic In Car Plastic Parts

- Nov 06, 2017-

With the trend of lightweight car, Car Plastic Parts are used more and more. Developed countries will use the amount of plastic car as a measure of the level of automotive design and manufacturing an important symbol of the German automotive plastics accounted for 15% of the overall material. In recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the current annual output of cars more than 4 million, with reference to the trend of foreign countries, the automotive industry with modified plastics will be 500,000 tons or more, including engineering plastics accounted for a large part of the proportion used in the automotive Kinds of parts.

What are the plastic used in Car Plastic Parts?

First, nylon material (PA)

Nylon is mainly used for automobile engine and engine peripheral components, the main varieties are GFPA6, GFPA66, enhanced flame retardant PA6 and other products.

1, the application in the car engine peripheral components: As the engine peripheral components are mainly heat and vibration components, Car Plastic Parts the components of the material used most of the glass fiber reinforced nylon. This is because nylon has better overall performance, with the modified nylon fiberglass, the main performance has been greatly improved, such as strength, product accuracy, dimensional stability. In addition, more varieties of nylon, easier recycling, the price is relatively cheap, these factors contributed to nylon as the engine peripheral components ideal material.

2, the application in the car engine parts: engine cover, engine cover, cylinder head cover and other parts are generally modified nylon as the preferred material, compared with the metal material, the cylinder head cover, for example, Car Plastic Parts to reduce the quality of 50% Reduce costs by 30%. In addition to the engine components, other stressed components of the car can also use reinforced nylon, such as oil filters, wipers, radiator grille and so on.

Second, polyester material (PBT)

In the automotive industry, PBT is widely used in the production of bumpers, carburetor components, fenders, spoilers, spark plug terminal blocks, fuel supply system components, dashboards, vehicle ignitions, accelerators and clutch pedals. part. PBT and enhanced PA, PC, POM competition in the automotive industry is very fierce, PA is easy to absorb water, PC heat resistance than PBT. In automotive use takeover, PBT will gradually replace PA due to its superior absorbency to PA. In the relative humidity is high, very humid conditions, due to plastic deformation easily lead to wet, easy to cause corrosion at the electrical nodes, often can use modified PBT. At 80 ℃, 90% relative humidity, PBT can still be used normally, and the effect is very good.

Third, POM (POM)

The automotive industry is the largest potential market for POM materials. POM has the advantages of light weight, hardness, abrasion resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance. It is very suitable for manufacturing automobile pump, carburetor parts, oil pipe, power valve, universal joint bearing, motor gear, crank, handle , Dashboards, window lifter devices, electrical switches, belt buckles, etc., especially the wear-resistant parts such as sliders are the strengths of the modified POM. These components wear on the metal, reduce the amount of lubricant, and enhance the use of components life.

Fourth, polycarbonate material (PC)

Modified PC has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, rigidity and good processing fluidity. It is mainly applied to exterior and interior parts, components around dashboards, antifreeze panels, door handles, Plate, bracket, steering column jacket, decorative panels, air conditioning system components, Car Plastic Parts and other Car Plastic Parts.

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