Automobile Wiring Harness Overlap Within Vehicle Control Structure

- Nov 27, 2018-

The car wiring harness has lots of wires, and the wires have been in different colors for easy id and repair. In order to facilitate the labeling within the circuit diagram, the wire cross-sectional area associated with the car harness is also marked while watching color code.

 The calculation of the linked common terminals is handled just as as in the special case from the harness inline process. The algorithm not just can complete the calculation associated with ordinary inline, but also the inline relationship comprising multiple common inline (or solitary line), the inline relationship with shielded lines and also the inline relationship inside an electrical device ( Seems like as a point in the model) and may be used directly to draw 昀 information.

 The car wiring harness may be the main body of the vehicle circuit, and there is no car circuit with no wire harness. As people's safety, comfort and ease, economy, and emissions requirements improve, automotive wiring harnesses become more complex. At the moment, the form of the wire harness is basically the same be it a high-end luxury car or a cost-effective ordinary car, and it consists of wires, connectors and wrapping mp3.

 With the continuous improvement from the degree of automation of cars, various controllers, sensors, wireless products, display instrumentation devices and other electrical devices also have increased. In order to ensure the great working condition of these products, special grounding treatment must be completed according to their actual requirements.. Common engine combination meters and airbags ought to be connected by separate ground cables.

 The common inline relationship expresses the automobile harness process design information within the wire harness diagram, including topology info, geometric information, and physical information of every wire. The geometric information expresses the positional relationship of every segment in the actual wire harness set up.

 The wire harness is assembled about the car and generally does not really affect the structural size from the car. Therefore, only the period of the wire harness and other materials employed for the wire harness are required, and also the wire length dimension tolerance is actually specified. The United States stipulates the nominal dimensional tolerances from the wires for cars, trucks, tractors, trailers and passenger cars to accurately calculate along each wire and reduce the actual accumulation error. Complex wire harnesses are usually referenced to the most set up locations, ensuring that each wire could be adapted to the connection which each wire is not extended.

 Whether using ultrasonic welding or even U-shaped terminal cold-punching joints, with respect to the design requirements of the cabling harness product drawings, the contact insulation methods will also be various. Generally, double-wall heat-shrinkable pipes, PVC tapes, special wear-resistant insulation tapes, etc. are used. Analyze the merchandise design and post-process design from the car's ground wire, and give examples to illustrate the analogy analysis from the internal connection point design from the wire harness and the lead-out point from the grounding point, reflecting the various design schemes for product high quality. Different effects of cost.

 The machine structure of the vehicle controller is actually divided into: signal conditioning perform structure, control algorithm function description, peripheral actuator control method as well as fault diagnosis definition. The design of the vehicle controller is dependant on the CAN network bus framework, and also relates to the actual CAN network structure and software layer. Protocol definition. Each component outputs the corresponding function description document.

 In order to ensure the standard and reliability of the wire harness, the development from the automotive wire harness detection system includes a particularly important significance. At existing, the wire harness detection system independently produced by the domestic automobile field continues to be basically blank. Based on the analysis from the actual situation of the wire harness recognition problem, a wire harness detection concept and method are proposed, along with a computer harness detection system was created by combining the microcomputer and also the single chip microcomputer.

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