Automotive Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

- Dec 20, 2018-

One: stripping. The accuracy of stripping is directly associated with the entire production schedule. Once a mistake occurs, especially if the starting size is short or lengthy, it will lead to rework of all of the stations, which will take effort and time to affect production efficiency. Consequently, when stripping the wire, it's important to determine the opening dimension of the wire and how big the stripping head according towards the requirements of the drawing in conjunction with the terminal to be a strike.


 Two: crimping process. Determine the crimping parameters based on the type of terminal required through the drawing, and make the crimping procedure manual. For the special needs, indicate and train the operator about the process documentation. For example, some wires need to feed the sheath before they could be crimped. It needs to be pre-assembled after which returned from the pre-installed station after which crimped. Also, the puncture-type crimping runs on the special crimping tool. The crimping technique has good electrical contact qualities. And be sure to test the tensile value from the terminal. If the tension isn't up to the requirement, the crimping die must be re-adjusted.


 Three: Pre-installed. First of all, the pre-installation process operation manual ought to be compiled. In order to enhance the assembly efficiency, the complex wiring harness should be equipped with a pre-installation train station. The reasonableness of the pre-installation procedure directly affects the efficiency from the total assembly and reflects the technical degree of a craftsman. If the pre-installed the main assembly is too small or even the assembled wire path is actually unreasonable, the workload of the entire assembly personnel will be elevated, and the speed of the assembly line is going to be slowed down. Therefore, the process personnel should often remain on site to summarize.


 4: assembly process. It can be programmed based on the assembly board designed by the merchandise development department, design tooling gear, material box size and attach the amount of all assembly sheaths and accessories towards the material box to improve set up efficiency. Compile the assembly content and requirements of every station, balance the entire assembly station to avoid a situation where the workload is too big and pull down the whole assembly line speed. In order to balance the job station, the craftsman must adjust the assembly process anytime by familiarizing himself with every operation and measuring the operating hours on site.


 Wire harness production is principally divided into two methods: finish pressure (crimping) and form. Nowhere is the greatest, it should be manufactured based on the requirements of the functional characteristics from the wire harness. And must fully inspect the merchandise, test the continuity of the actual wire, resistance, voltage, etc., to guarantee the yield of the product, to avoid the defective products from entering the marketplace.

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