Automotive Wiring Harness Realizing Connection Interactive Function

- Nov 28, 2018-

In modern times, with the rapid development associated with automotive electronics technology, the planet's major auto companies, electronic component manufacturers and medical research machines have introduced numerous new vehicle communication protocols in line with the development of electronic technology as well as automotive applications.

 Green environmental protection is just about the consensus of people. In add-on to considering electrical performance, integrated wiring also needs to consider long-term investment returns, for example, fire protection or environmental safety.

 The wire harness of the auto is characterized by thin pores and skin insulation and good flexibility; it's characterized by thick insulation, gentleness and good ductility; German regular wire insulation is thinner as well as flexible; American standard wire insulation is usually thermoplastic or thermal. Elastomers will also be processed by irradiation.

 The device has an interface between the controller and also the physical harness and differential transmit and receive functions towards the automotive wiring harness. For the traditional control module from the end node composed of "weak" terminals, the circuit is complicated and also the maintenance is difficult. The mixture of power module, human-machine communication module and state quantity input module can be used to construct the electronic management system unit control module, which improves the entire system. Observability and effectiveness.

 Motor sensors, various types of security alarm lights, externally-removed lights, horns, and so on. have a greater impact upon vehicle performance and safety, but such electrical loads aren't sensitive to mutual interference. Consequently, such electrical loads can be in line with the situations are combined with each other and a fuse is utilized together.

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