Braking Performance Of Automobile And Car Wire Harness

- Aug 11, 2017-

  Braking performance of automobile and car wire harness

  Car and car wire harness braking performance refers to the car in the process of braking the new forced deceleration or continuous downhill to maintain a certain speed to the ability to stop. Mainly in:

  ① braking performance: the car in a good road (flat, hard, dry, clean cement and asphalt pavement at a certain initial speed to stop when driving distance, that is, braking distance or braking process of deceleration or Braking force and braking time.

  (2) Constant braking performance: The degree of braking performance during high speed or long continuous braking and wading braking. Ie heat-resistant recession and moisture recovery performance.

  ③ brake when the direction of the stability of the car: the car when the car is scheduled to run without deviation, slip and loss of steering performance.

  Evaluation Index of Braking Performance of Automobile and Automobile Harness

  ① braking distance: it is the most intuitive overall braking performance parameters, the accuracy of repeatability are better. But can not individually reflect the braking conditions of the wheels (including the braking force distribution) and the specific failure.

  ② braking force and brake deceleration: car wire harness the braking force can be a specific reflection of the performance of the vehicle braking system that is the shaft on both sides of the wheel braking force distribution and balance. But can not reflect the impact of factors other than the braking system on the overall braking performance. And the brake deceleration detection, the vulnerability of the road surface and the impact of the tilt angle of the impact of the initial speed and pavement roughness is not so much accuracy and repeatability is poor, car wire harness but also reflects the round brake and its Distribution situation.

  ③ braking time, including braking coordination, duration and release time, it can only indirectly reflect the pros and cons of braking performance. Therefore, it is usually used as an auxiliary evaluation index.

  In view of the above three indicators are flawed, so, must also have two of these indicators. car wire harness In order to more comprehensive evaluation of vehicle vehicle wiring harness braking performance.

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