Cable Harness Use And Scope Classification

- Oct 12, 2017-

Communication cable is used for short-range audio communications and remote high-frequency carrier and digital communications and signal transmission cable, is one of China's five major cable harness products. According to the use and use of communication cables, it can be divided into six series of products, namely the city communication cable (including paper insulation city cable, polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed cable), long distance symmetrical cable (including paper Insulated and high-frequency long-distance symmetrical cable, copper core foam polyethylene high and low frequency long distance symmetrical cable and digital transmission long distance symmetrical cable), coaxial cable (including small coaxial cable, coaxial and coaxial cable), submarine cable Symmetrical submarine and coaxial submarine cable), fiber optic cable (including the traditional cable type, strip array and skeleton type three), RF cable (including symmetrical radio frequency and coaxial radio frequency).

The contact fittings are poorly handled. Owing to the production or storage conditions, there are impurities, burrs and oxide layers on the inner wall of the spring wire terminal or connecting pipe. This is not a matter of people's attention, but the quality of the conductor connection is quite serious. In particular, the surface of aluminum is easy to produce a layer of hard and insulated alumina film, so that the aluminum conductor connection is much more stringent than the technology of copper conductor connection.

Conductor damage. Cross-linked insulation layer strength, stripping difficult. Construction workers around the cut when the electric knife with the right side of the right cut, and sometimes simply use the hacksaw cut deep marks, often poor control of the wire damage.

Spring wire core line is not in place. When the conductor is connected, the length of the insulation stripping is required to be 5mm thick, but the depth of the product is not standard. It is easy to cause the stripping length to be insufficient or the gap is formed at the end of the wire. Pass, resulting in increased contact resistance, heat increased.

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