Car Audio Harness The Main Function

- May 15, 2017-

Car audio harness manufacturers tell you what the main function of car wiring harness?

Car audio harness manufacturers tell you the main features of the car harness:

Weaving network management for all types of cars, aircraft, air conditioning and other household appliances wiring. Car audio harness manufacturers tell you that the car harness is made of copper from the contact with the terminal (connector) and wire and cable crimp, the outside and then plastic insulation or external metal shell, etc., to form a wiring harness bundle connection circuit s component. In modern cars, automotive wiring harness is particularly large, electronic control system and wiring harness is closely related.

Car audio harness manufacturers tell you that the car wiring harness is the main body of the car circuit, connecting the car's electrical and electronic components and make it function, there is no wiring harness does not exist car circuit. At present, whether it is a luxury car or an economy ordinary car, the form of wiring harness is basically the same, are composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape, it is necessary to ensure that the transmission of electrical signals, but also to ensure that the connection circuit The reliability of the supply of electrical and electronic components to the provisions of the current value to prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuit, and to exclude electrical short circuit.

Car audio harness manufacturers tell you the car harness from the function points, there are two kinds of signal lines that carry the power lines that drive the actuator actuators and transmit the sensor input commands. The power line is a thick wire that carries high current, and the signal line is a thin wire optical fiber that does not carry electricity; for example, the signal circuit has a conductor cross-section of 0.3,0.5 mm2. The choice of wire, in addition to considering the electrical performance, but also by the physical performance of the vehicle when the constraints, so its wide range of options.

The above is the car audio harness manufacturers to tell you the main function of automotive wiring harness, hoping to give you help.

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