Car Harness Suitable For Low Current And Signal Transmission

- May 15, 2017-

TE Connectivity developed REM0.64 terminal for automotive wiring harness

Car harness TE Connectivity (TE), formerly Tyco Electronics, a leading global supplier of precision engineering electronics, has developed a new REM0.64 terminal for automotive wiring harnesses for low current and signal transmission, as well as watertight connectors.

Car harness With the increasing comfort, safety and economic requirements of the car, the increasing number of automotive electronic products and the increasing complexity of the automotive circuit system. Thus driving the car connector to the miniaturization and compact direction, while requiring it to have a higher reliability and durability. Terminals as an important part of the car connector, its quality directly affects the performance of automotive circuit systems. REM0.64 terminal with four-point contact design, with low contact resistance and high reliability characteristics. Unique anti-wear wear design, reducing the slight relative movement caused by the contact point wear, to ensure high temperature and vibration environment for long-term use. The terminal is made of high performance copper alloy material, the stress relaxation at high temperature is small, the maximum application temperature is 125 ° C, the maximum carrying current reaches 5A. The REM0.64 terminal is also suitable for multi-position connectors with gaskets and is fully compatible with the plastic holes of existing TE terminals.

Car harness As a global company, TE has a wealth of experience in terminal and connector development and manufacturing

TE connectivity has decades of experience in the development and manufacture of automotive wiring harness terminals. It has worked with major automotive brand manufacturers to study and develop technical specifications and verification standards for current and data connections on the vehicle, providing customers with better Technical solutions. TE Connectivity has product R & D center headquarters in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Shanghai headquarters with strong product development strength and rapid sample preparation capacity, and has advanced testing equipment, customers can provide better and faster technical support and services.

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