Car Wire Harness Processing Is A Relatively Rapid Development In Recent Years

- Oct 19, 2017-

car wire harness processing is a relatively rapid development in recent years, an assembly production industry, the application is very extensive. With the domestic economy more and more developed, the car is no longer as a luxury, the domestic demand for cars growing, and domestic car wire harness processing technology is more and more skilled, China as the largest harness cable consumption, it's Market potential is huge.

car wire harness processing trend

With the increase in the function of the car, the universal application of electronic control technology, coupled with the safety of the car, comfort and economic requirements are getting higher and higher, the car on the electrical configuration, more and more functions, electrical More and more, connecting the electrical parts of the wiring harness is also more and more complex, and the car wiring harness becomes thicker and heavier. So the advanced car on the introduction of the CAN bus configuration, the use of multi-channel transmission system. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, multi-channel transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and connectors, wiring easier. Multi-channel transmission technology, which refers to the transmission of multiple signals on a common medium, so that the electronic controller can share information, to avoid a single wiring, the application of the new technology, the wiring harness wiring to simplify, compact structure, both Can reduce the weight, but also reduce costs, because the information is widely shared, rather than a simple copy, therefore, for fault diagnosis, more accurate, more rapid project changes, defective maintenance more convenient.

Multi - station connection technology. The technology refers to the internal connection system that can connect multiple intelligent devices, it can not only share the battery energy, reliable grounding, more importantly, it can share the data, the technology greatly reduces the module input and output, the number of counts, Simplify the assembly of modules and wiring harness; due to the reduction of a large number of docking, car wire harness processing cycle, production costs will be significantly reduced.

Analysis on Technical Characteristics of car wire harness Industry in

2017 - 2022 China's car wire harness processing industry development prospects analysis and development strategy research report shows that the enhanced reality technology (AR) has been applied in the field of automotive traffic for many years, but has not entered the ranks of the mainstream configuration. This situation will change, because manufacturers and service teams have discovered the technology, can be applied to deal with electronic wiring harness and other complex systems.

Enhance the reality technology can help technicians and factory assembly personnel to see the specific tasks related to the process, headset and projection equipment combination to guide employees in the work process using the correct process. Compared to virtual reality technology, enhance the reality of technology is more simple and more interactive, allowing people to the real world and virtual images together. But to enhance the reality of technology so far are only applied in some special circumstances, and did not become the mainstream configuration. At the World Congress of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in 2016, members of the panel of technical experts enthusiastically discussed this highly promising technology application.

In order to successfully enhance the reality of technology, must be related to the hardware and software equipment to promote the application. car wire harness is one of the potential applications, the structure of the system has been very complex layout, lighting facilities will lead to more complex system. The car harness is often a component that makes the repair technician feel a headache, often can not accurately obtain the desired wire, enhance the reality technology can help repair technicians to solve such problems.

Electronic and electrical technology. The technology refers to the modern car will have an electronic, electrical unity of the central electrical box in the electrical function it is equivalent to a small substation, according to the need to rationally distribute the battery energy to the various circuits in the electronic function, it is like a small Of the data processing center, processing and sending a variety of signals.

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