Car Wire Harness Upgrade To Three

- Jul 18, 2017-

  car wire harness upgrade to "three"

  Recently, by the China Automotive Technology Research Center of Automotive Standardization Institute hosted the national electric vehicle high-voltage wire harness and connector standard seminar was held, which means that the wiring harness industry from the standardization and a step forward. Many people know that the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles with fire a lot of related industries, car wire harness hybrid and new energy vehicles unique high-voltage wire harness is no exception, but there are many people do not know, high-voltage wiring harness is not a unified national standard Or industry standards, the standardization of high-voltage wiring harness for the entire industry into the market scale applications to lay a solid foundation.

  High pressure

  Breakthrough of high-voltage wire harness technology is the key

  Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, in addition to 12V circuit system, there is a voltage of more than 300V is mainly used for power drive system circuit system, the system needs to use high-voltage wiring harness to connect the various circuits In the unit. High-voltage wire harness is a key component of the new energy vehicle high-voltage electrical system, car wire harness is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of new energy vehicles.

  The development of high-voltage wire harness technology is also reflected in the wiring harness processing technology, involving the battery pack voltage acquisition and temperature acquisition of the wiring harness on the crushing process requires a high, product consistency must be guaranteed. High-voltage wire harness in the large diameter part of the terminal material due to the need to use hydraulic equipment, can not use the traditional stamping process.


  The harness is lightweight

  At present, the automobile enterprises in order to reduce vehicle fuel consumption, in addition to improving the performance of the engine is to reduce the weight of the vehicle, wiring harness as the vehicle's "nervous system", a large number, so in the lightweight aspects of promising. The current use of car wire harness materials mainly copper, so in addition to reducing the weight in addition to reducing the cross-sectional area, car wire harness is the use of brass than the use of aluminum material. The use of aluminum wire is also one of the future development trend, there are some domestic enterprises in the research and development of aluminum wire related technology. Once the aluminum wire can be used in the car wire harness, not only can reduce the weight, but also reduce the price, the price of aluminum is one-third of copper, particularly prominent price.


  Harness industry standards need to be established

  Although some of our own enterprises in the development of high-voltage wiring harness and lightweight technology to make progress, but some of the core technology and equipment are still in the hands of foreign brands, such as battery pack maintenance switch technology and the market is basically the international brand monopoly, the price is high The In addition, the current new energy car wire harness has no relevant industry standards and national standards,

  At present, China is in a large-scale promotion of electric vehicles, car wire harness the development and implementation of a unified electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harness and connector standards is particularly important. Recently, the China Automotive Technology Research Center Automobile Standardization Institute hosted the national electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harness and connector standard seminar for China's electric vehicle high-voltage wiring harness and connector to establish a unified standard standards to enter the market scale applications, Positive advice.

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