Car Wire Harness Weight Can Be Reduced By 66% And 48%

- Jul 18, 2017-

  car wire harness weight can be reduced by 66% and 48%

  "Automotive wire has been in the direction of refinement." In describing the development process of automotive wiring harness, said, "10 years ago, the engine engine compartment in the wiring harness, rarely see 0.3mm2 and 0.35mm2 wire; Seven years ago, almost 45% and 50% of the wires in the design of the automotive harness were 0.3mm2, and what we are doing now is to replace these 0.3mm2 wires with lighter, finer wires.

  In the "safe, green, interconnected" design concept developed 0.13mm2 halogen-free thin-walled wire, greatly reducing the harness weight. According to reports, car wire harness halogen-free thin-walled wire is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and other traditional conductive environmentally friendly alternative products, with thin-walled PVC wire more resistant to high temperature, thinner wall, lighter Insulation. 0.13mm2 wire is generally used in the switch signal, the sensor signal and other current loop, compared to 0.3mm2 wire, single wire diameter by 40%, weight reduction of up to 66%, and does not contain halogen and heavy metals, recyclable recycling.

  First of all, 0.13mm2 wire tensile strength problem, the use of copper and magnesium alloy, add 0.2% magnesium, greatly improving the mechanical strength of the wire. Now, 0.13mm2 wire has more than 0.22mm2 and 0.35mm2 PVC wire tensile strength. In addition, 0.13mm2 wire and not directly use the traditional 0.3mm2 wire terminal crimping, but the development of L-type terminal, the use of a high and one low pressure wing technology, car wire harness so that the electrical and mechanical properties of the wire in the same pressure Take the height at the same time to achieve the best. At the same time, in order to more popular 0.13mm2 wire applications, the development of a new type of Double-X crimping process: 0.13mm2 wire stripping stripping some of it, after bending it crimping, this crimping method is equivalent to Crush 0.26mm2 wire, you can directly use the existing 0.3mm2 terminal system, the application of a wide range.

  In addition to the use of fine wire diameter wire, in the wire conductor material applications, after several comparisons, after the study, with aluminum wire instead of the traditional copper wire. car wire harness Explains the reason why the choice of aluminum wire: "We choose the conductor material requirements are very strict, requiring the material conductivity must be more than 58%, elongation of more than 8%, the choice of metal global reserves should be sufficient.According to the annual estimated usage statistics , car wire harness Aluminum can be used more than 100 years of copper, its conductivity up to 60% to 64%, and replace the copper wire with aluminum wire, harness weight can be reduced by 48%. Based on these advantages, the choice of aluminum wire.

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