Concepts For Upkeep Of Auto Air Conditioning Harness Techniques

- Dec 06, 2018-

Car air conditioning harness program maintenance ought to follow the actual principles:

 1. Take away the battery negative result in prevent brief circuit.

 two. The cable connector ought to be inserted securely.

 3. When organizing the wire harness with the plate pit, first use a rubber sleeve in the hole to safeguard the wire harness.

 four. Connect the actual air conditioning harness towards the main harness having a vinyl remove or unique clamp.

 5. When the original harness may be disassembled or even removed throughout maintenance, it ought to be replaced.

 6. Whenever installing, take care not to press the initial clamp and also the air conditioner funnel.

 7. Whenever brazing the actual wire on to the wire harness, the diameter from the two wires ought to be the same as well as wrap the actual insulation tape round the joint.

 8. Harnesses aren't allowed to become near shifting parts or even hot components.

 9. The link site isn't allowed to become near to the fuel collection.

 10. Check how the harness is in touch with sharp sides or sides.

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