Connector Make Up And Function

- Dec 22, 2018-

1. what is a connector?

 The electronic connector generally describes a connection unit between numerous electronic components and is mainly used like a chip-to-board board, a circuit panel, and a board-to-box electronic transmission connection and transmission. In conditions of types, it can be divided right into a board connector, angle connectors, cylindrical connectors, as well as popular PCMCIA specification connectors, and so on.

 Although the definition of the electronic connector is not clear, the scope of its coverage, the general understanding doesn't include high voltage outside the ability plug or socket, high present electrical or electrical connectors, electrical switches aren't included. In Japan Most people in the market use German (Translator) transliteration, occasionally called [continuous], and in The far east, [electrical plug-in] or [electrical plug-in], such as connectors and switches, regardless from the electronic, the broad term with regard to electrical appliances. As far as applications are worried, most electronic connectors are utilized in computers, telecommunications, aviation, automobiles as well as various instruments.

 2. connector software

 The electronic connector is utilized in electrical products. As the title implies, it acts as an association for electronic signals or elements. It is a multi-component or even assembled the product and covers key technologies for example metal sheet, surface plating, accuracy machining, and plastic molding. Since the transmission and connection of digital signals, if there is an issue with the electronic connector, it'll cause the electronic components as well as the entire device to fall short. The whole connector includes two main areas of the terminal and the plastic material. In addition to the choice of the materials, the plating and also the die are good. Will affect the caliber of the product, of course, the plastic part may be the same reason.

 3. Manufacture associated with connectors

 The manufacture of digital connectors, from design to completed product, can be divided into two parts: metal and plastic material. In addition to the materials selection, the metal part may be the main work of electroplating as well as die; the work of the mold may be the mold design, mold opening, shot Forming, and then forming a metal connector having a metal component. The electronic connector can be used in electrical products. As the actual name implies, it acts as a connection for electronic signals or even components. It is a multi-component or assembled product and it is covered with metallic linen. Key technologies such as area plating, precision machining, and plastic material molding. As the transmission as well as the connection of electronic signals, when there is a problem with the digital connector, it will lead towards the partial selection of materials, and the caliber of the plating and die will affect the caliber of the product. Of course, the plastic part may be the same. Its manufacturing consists associated with five major technologies:

 1. Pass away technology;

 2. Injection molding technologies;

 3. Electroplating technology;

 4. Set up technology;

 5. Detection technology.

 Since the trend of connectors is slimmer and shorter, and SMT is needed, the various manufacturing technologies required should also increase the accuracy of their own requirements. At the same period, the precise concept of the maker must be changed to produce a precision connector. The connector will be eliminated on the market because the quality can not really compete for electronic components as well as the entire device failure. The whole connector includes two main terminal areas of the terminal and plastic.

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