Do You Know The Connection Styles Of The Vehicle Connector Plug?

- Dec 21, 2018-

There are four main kinds of connector plug connections:

 1. Threaded link: Some types of connections in many cases are used for contacts with bigger dimensions and connector plugs that operate inside a strong vibration environment. This kind of connection can be fitted having a fuse that prevents loosening following the connection is completed. The link form is reliable, but the bond speed is slow.

 2, bayonet link: it is reliable as well as rapid connection and separation type. Most of the electrical connectors from the card 121 connection form possess a visual display of the proper connection and locking and can be seen from the small holes within the side of the electrical connection nut.

 3, plug as well as connect connection: is a multi-purpose link form. When the connector plug and also the socket is connected and shut off, the moving direction is generally a reciprocating linear motion, without having twisting and rotating, and only a small working space is needed to complete the loading and unloading. Common plug-in connections can be found in either ball or pin designs. Since the connection form doesn't have a mechanically labor-saving mechanism, once the actual insertion is mistaken, the mechanical resistance is significantly increased and are available in time.

 4, the cabinet link: it is used for a few electrical connectors on the equipment that has to be blindly connected to the body, which can make the electric equipment lighter and smaller, simpler to maintain and more reliable. This kind of connection makes it impossible for that operator to feel the link. It is necessary to design a precise positioning device to avoid intentionally connecting the mis-inserted connector attaches together, making mis-insertion impossible. Connector plugs are often designed with a floating or resilient contact design to make sure proper connection.

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