Enhance The Application Requirements Of Wire Harness Items For Connection Technology

- Nov 26, 2018-

As what's needed of today's applications continue to improve, they are on the cabling. Requirements are also gradually nearing the limits of wiring, so the accuracy testing of test equipment is becoming a lot more important. Inaccurate or impractical test equipment may cause serious damage to the regular operation of the entire system later on.

         wire harness product process design may be the input and output process from the product. The whole design plan is made around quality, cost and operability, last but not least meets various requirements of item characteristics, and at the exact same time controls manufacturing costs. Once the process design is unfolded, first think about the product quality, ensure that the joint positions don't overlap, but large, not designed about the branch; secondly, consider the operability from the workers, minimize the difficulty associated with work; finally, according to the actual principle of nearby iron, Attempt to save wire. Determine the position from the centralized crimping point inside the wire harness from the ground wire, the centralized connection mode from the internal connection point, and come up with technical requirements. Due to the various branch positions, sizes, electrical features, location and number of grounding points in various automotive wiring harnesses, the internal connection from the grounding wires is diversified.

         With the increase from the functions of automobiles, the common application of electronic control technologies, coupled with the increasing needs for safety, comfort and economic climate of automobiles, the more and much more electrical appliances and electrical features on automobiles; There are increasingly more electrical components and more and much more wires; the wiring harness connecting the different electrical components is becoming a lot more complicated and the wiring harness from the automobile becomes thicker and weightier. Therefore, advanced cars have launched bus configurations using multiplex techniques.

         The tools need to end up being fully prepared, and the construction personnel should know about the use, inspection and precautions of numerous tools. Prepare the required heat-shrinkable supplies and supporting materials, check if the materials are qualified, and determine the kind of heat-shrinkable materials used according towards the wire harness structure and specifications. The construction site ought to be kept clean and dry, and safety technical measures should be taken while using the blowtorch. The quality of the wire harness crimping straight affects the service life from the connector and the safe operation from the wire harness.

         Filled with inorganic fire retardants, the mechanical strength as well as elongation at break are a lot worse than non-flame retardant polyolefin sheathing supplies. The flame retardant polyolefin sheathing materials has low mechanical strength, and also the commonly used flame retardant polyolefin sheathing material comes with an oxygen index of 25 -- 28. The flame retardant effect is of low quality, and it is only ideal for applications where the temperature is actually low, the movement or bending is suitable, and the flame retardancy requirements aren't too high, and it isn't suitable for application in a digital wire harness requiring high flame retardancy. The actual halogen-free, low-smoke flame-retardant polyolefin sheathing materials has better flame retardancy as well as charcoality during combustion, and would work for use in an electron column bundle having low halogen, reduced smoke and high flame retardancy needs.

         When the wire is separated in the wire harness and connected to the actual electrical equipment, if the rated current from the electrical equipment is small, the cross section also needs to be small. At this period, it is mainly considered if the wire can withstand the vibration from the vehicle during the driving procedure. may.

         It realizes the computerization and standardization from the process card design of the wire harness manufacturers within the automotive supply chain in the actual decentralized network environment, and can effectively manage a myriad of process graphic information and rapidly and accurately retrieve, thus reducing the labor intensity from the process personnel and shortening the procedure. Design cycle, lifting the effectiveness and quality of process style, and enhancing the competitiveness associated with enterprises.

         Instead, the push model requires the developer to create code that is connected towards the database, execute SQL commands to produce a recordset or dataset that matches the fields within the report, and pass the object towards the report. This method can share the bond in the application and filter the information before receiving the data.

         At existing, the detection system adopted through domestic automobile wire harness manufacturers may only complete the detection associated with wire harness continuity, and does not have access to the wire harness impedance quantitative recognition function. Many wire harnesses that pass the test in the factory are faulty when used for some time. The cause of the problem is how the impedance of the wire harness doesn't meet the technical requirements, and the wire harness is heated or burned out for a long period.

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