Exactly What Factors Will Affect The Cable Aging

- Dec 14, 2018-

Wire aging is the most typical problem with wire harnesses. It is necessary to investigate the reason for wire harness aging and prevent cable aging. The most direct reason for wire aging is the break down of insulation and breakdown. The wire harness factory tells you that we now have many factors that reduce the conductivity from the conductive:

 1. External force damage

 A considerable number of wire harness failures are actually caused by mechanical damage. For instance: when the wiring harness is set up and wiring, it is not really standardized, which is easy in order to cause mechanical damage. Sometimes, when the damage is not serious, it will require several months or even many years to cause the damaged part to totally break down to form the fault. Sometimes the damage might be short-circuited, which may directly impact the short-circuit fault. Safe Manufacturing.

 2. Insulation damp

 This situation can also be very common. For example, when the harness connector is not qualified and also the joint is made under damp climatic conditions, the joint is going to be filled with water or combined with water vapor. Over time, water branches are formed underneath the action of the electric area, which gradually damages the insulation from the wire harness. Strength causes failure.

 3. Chemical substance corrosion

 wire harnesses work in places with acid and alkali, which frequently cause wire harness armor, lead or outer sheath to become corroded. The protective layer is chemically corroded or electrolytically corroded for a long period, causing the protective layer in order to fail, the insulation is decreased, and the wire harness is additionally caused. malfunction.

 4. Long-term overburden operation

 Overload operation, due towards the thermal effect of the present, the load current will undoubtedly cause the conductor to warm up when passing through the wire harness, thereby increasing the temperature from the wire harness. Excessive temperatures during the long-term overburden operation accelerate the aging from the insulation and the insulation is divided. Especially in the hot summertime, the temperature rise of the wiring harness often results in the breakdown of the cable television insulation first, so in summer time, the wiring harness is particularly defective. Such as the occurrence associated with car spontaneous combustion accidents.

 5. harness connection

 The harness connector is the weakest link within the line, and the harness connector failure brought on by the direct failure of the individual often occurs. During the procedure for making the wire harness joints, when the original mesh is not firmly pressed or insufficiently heated, the insulation from the wire harness head will be decreased, causing an accident.

 6. Atmosphere and temperature

 The external environment and heat source in which the harness is located can additionally cause excessive cable temperature, padding breakdown, and even an surge.

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