Exactly What Problems Are Going To Be Encountered From The Wire Processing Action?

- Nov 28, 2018-

1. Wearing housing collection wrong

 There are three to four holes inside the housing, plus more than twenty or 20. The personnel keep working for years in the process of wearing the housing, and the volume of holes will be large. You'll be able to inadvertently insert an unacceptable order from the lines. The line that was said to be inserted into this gap was inserted into the hole beside it.

 2. Poor cutting

 At the same time of cutting the particular wire, the incision is not neat plus the copper insert is destroyed. For this kind of reason, we have to adjust your knife importance of different specifications in the wire before starting the appliance, and there ought to be an appropriate number of test appliance before bulk production.

 3. The particular terminal (crimping) can be bad.

 On this process, the position of this terminal is mostly not suitable, the terminal doesn't completely enclose this copper cord, and the actual excessive wrapping with the terminal leads to the insertion of the outer skin etcetera. These problems generally occur inside operation with the manual terminal, and the terminal is used by your automatic machine. As long for the reason that machine can be adjusted, the possibilities of occurrence are usually small.

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