Free Samples Of Wire Harness? Why And How?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Free samples? Why and How?


What is most important for customize products? Quality! of course.

So in global business, how you make sure the quality? You do not see the real products like you buy in the supermarket.

So as a manufacturer who make global business, JIAFU find a solution, we offer FREE SAMPLES for you. We want you to see it in real, to test it by yourself, we want you to be the quality tester. That is the reason.


But how? 

For various of types cables, connectors, plastic parts, don't worry, we're the real factory, we have over 10,000 types of common use materials in stock, we also have mold tooling for over-molded parts. We have the capability to meet your requirements. 



More than 15 years experience in the automotive wiring harness field, we offering you customization and personalization projects.


You design, we manufacturing! 


Any requests please feel free to contact us.


Dongguan JIAFU Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd.

Sales and Marketing Rep.: Monie Yang


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