Headlamps Provide Lighting

- May 10, 2017-


Headlamps Car lights for car driving to provide lighting and its driving conditions to other vehicles to send a signal; modern lights, especially the headlights are increasingly playing a decorative role. In order to achieve the function of the lights, some lights inside or outside with a small car wiring harness, collectively referred to as light wiring harness. The electrical principle of the headlamp is relatively simple, only from a light bulb to see from a red power cord and a black (or white / black) ground wire composition, when several different power supply bulbs together, the power cord Color were selected pink, green and so on. The choice of lamp wire color should correspond to the wire color of the harness harness. 1 external headlamps integrated headlights often far and near light, steering function and wide function of the line with a connector to connect, so you need to add a lamp behind the lights harness, also known as external lights harness.

Headlamps For this type of wiring harness, the main consideration of water resistance and air tightness. The connector is made of waterproof series, the material should be nylon or other high temperature resistant material, the stability of the contact performance of the connector directly affects the lighting effect of the vehicle in the exercise.

Headlamps Fixed buckle material is generally nylon material. Rubber gasket selection of ternary B Bing rubber, gasket accuracy should be high, and the lamp should be easy to fit, with the gas can not leak. Sleeve selection of 35 cold-rolled plate material, with good ductility; sleeve on the outer diameter and diameter requirements are higher, because the sleeve and the lampholder is the interference fit, the installation will change the inner diameter, too much change will lead to bulb Installation is difficult or even impossible to install.

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