Headlamps The Manufacturer Tells You The Car Harness Design

- May 15, 2017-

Headlamps The lamp harness manufacturer tells you the design of the wiring harness - wire selection

Headlamps The wiring harness harness manufacturer tells you that the car harness is the main body of the car circuit. At this stage, the form of the wire harness is generally composed of wires, connectors, harness wrapping materials and body fasteners. Automotive wiring harness to ensure that the transmission of electrical signals, but also to ensure the reliability of the circuit connected to the electrical and electronic components to supply the specified current value to prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuit, and to exclude electrical short circuit.

The wiring harness harness manufacturer tells you that the wiring harness of the car harnesses the function from the function, and can be divided into two kinds of signal lines which have the power line carrying the actuator (actuator) power and the sensor input instruction. The power line is a thick wire that carries high current, and the signal line is a fine wire that does not carry electricity.

Headlamps manufacturers to tell you the choice of electric wiring harness wire, need to consider the electrical performance and vehicle physical properties, from the wire type, wire cross-sectional area, wire color to choose three aspects

Headlamp manufacturers to tell you the choice of wire type:

Harness Design Selection of Wire Type Focus on the environment and function of the harness.

Automotive wiring harness commonly used wires are usually used stranded stranded copper wire, insulated with PVC insulation material. To have temperature, oil, wear, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, flame retardant and other characteristics.

Headlamps According to user needs to select the standard wire, commonly used standard system with the standard, GB, German standard, American Standard, and so on.

GB: QVR, QVR-105, QFR, QVVR, etc .;

German standard: FLRY-A, FLRY-B, FLR4Y, FLR13Y and so on;

Standard: AV, AVS, AVSS, CAVS, AVX, AEX, etc .;

American standard: GXL, TWP, TXL, GPT, HDT, STS and so on.

Select the appropriate wire type according to the physical performance of the vehicle. E.g:

The use of high temperature around the engine, oil, vibration, friction wire;

The luggage compartment cover the wire to be in the cold elastic wire;

Automatic transmission on the wire to be high temperature, hydraulic oil resistance, good temperature stability;

Weak signal sensors to use electromagnetic shielding wires, such as knock sensor and crankshaft position sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor;

Frequent open / close the door wire bending resistance requirements;

Across the body between the wires require good bending performance.

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