How To Reduce The Cost Of Car Wire Harness

- Oct 19, 2017-

The market economy, rapidly changing, rising material costs, wire harness industry, the blind price comparison between businesses, which undoubtedly breed a need for our consideration, whether the harness industry can long-term development of the problem: how to effectively reduce the cost of car wire harness.

Reduce the cost of car wire harness is not blind to the use of inferior materials to replace, on the contrary, we have to focus on wire harness product quality at the same time, from the design point of view to control the cost of the product. Here, the author will focus on three aspects to talk about is how to design from the perspective of reducing the cost of car wire harness:

1. Product continuity and versatility

In general, the design of the car wire harness product at the beginning, will try to the same platform for the mature models as a reference, such as the use of the same electrical function parts, harness accessories (including cable ties, rubber parts, stents), from the company's long-term Development point of view, which not only reduces the procurement cycle of new parts of the new project, but also reduces the cost of open mold, thus reducing the cost.

2. Optimization and refinement of the design process

At present, many people in the domestic car wire harness design when the style is very unrestrained, the idea is very simple, this approach is very scientific. In the process of production and processing of the entire car wire harness, at any time with the customer side of the engineers to keep in touch, in a full understanding of the principle of vehicle electrical appliances, and thus a reasonable vehicle car wire harness (front cabinets, engine harness, indoor car wire harness, etc.) The design of the inner beam is especially important, and it is necessary to consider the layout of the engine (horizontal, vertical), the principle of the vehicle and the repair of the electrical equipment in the later period. If the car wire harness is designed to the line Design, fully consider the use of each line, diameter, length, etc., then the design of the product is difficult not economic.

3. Harness design of the wire harness

Today's era, is the era of digital information, what are the pursuit of 3D, of course, wire harness design is not out. In the process of car wire harness design, from the source control, the introduction of the concept of electronic loading. The so-called electronic loading, that is, in the digital model completely reflect the real state, automotive electrical parts, fasteners, rubber parts, etc. should be reflected in the number of models. In this way, in the design stage to avoid the car wire harness and sheet metal interference problems, to solve the problem of reasonable branches to the effective control of the line length, so to avoid a lot of late rework phenomenon, but also virtually save the cost.

I believe that the effective reduction of the cost of car wire harness, is the future, and even the future of the entire harness industry must pay attention to it, it is like a harness industry, a very difficult revolutionary campaign, we every harness industry compatriots are always ready , The revolution is not yet successful, comrades still need to work hard.

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