How You Can Divide The Entire Vehicle Wiring Harness

- Dec 13, 2018-

The wiring harness of the vehicle is generally divided based on the position where the harness is situated, such as the engine area, the cockpit, the chassis, the actual canopy, the door, the trunk area. The whole vehicle wiring harness could be roughly divided into four groups: front wiring harness, body wiring harness, car parking harness and door harness.

 Entrance wiring harness: including engine compartment wiring harness, headlight harness, guiding light harness, engine harness, energy injection rail harness, shifting system harness, engine grounding harness, beginning motor power cable harness, electric battery grounding wire harness, generator harness, and so on.

 Body harness: including instrument solar panel wiring harness, air conditioning harness, airbag wiring harness, ground harness, ceiling harness, etc.

 wiring harness in the rear: trunk wiring harness, taillight harness, curing radar harness, etc.;

 Door harness: left door harness, right front door harness, remaining rear door harness, right back door harness, back door harness, and so on.

 Of course, there are many methods to divide the wiring harness of the entire vehicle, and it cannot be generalized in this manner. If the engine is focused or rear, the wiring harness like the harness and the engine grounding harness won't belong to the front wiring harness.

 Likewise, we classify harnesses such because taillight harnesses, reversing radar harnesses, trunk wiring harnesses included in the floor harness, classify the air conditioning harness included in the instrument panel harness, and classify the fuel rail harness included in the engine harness.

 Here, the wire harness factory should emphasize that because the airbag and the seatbelt involve the safety from the driver and the occupant, it is suggested to separate the airbag wire harness from one another and not merge it right into a wire harness with other wire harnesses, and design and power distribution within the whole vehicle. Production, processing, transport, assembly and other aspects should be considered separately.

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