The Production Process Of Car Wire Harness

- Jul 05, 2017-

  The production process of car wire harness

  car wire harness production process are mainly open, crimping, preload, assembly, etc., the main material of the wiring harness for the heat shrink material, car wire harness is an important insulating material. Domestic thermal materials for automotive manufacturing market share is still very low, only about 20%.

  Comparison of the price of thermal materials at home and abroad

  Development Trend of Automobile Harness

  With the development of automotive electronics, economy, comfort, reliability, etc. will be more and more prominent, the requirements for the wiring harness gradually higher. The domestic car wire harness market will be gradually reduced from low-cost strategic market technology to a higher cost-effective market. car wire harness is also moving towards high pressure, lightweight, standardized direction.

  With the gradual increase of electronic equipment, wire harness light weight is gradually taken seriously, mainly from the harness components of the material, miniaturization and internal layout, etc. to study

  Analysis of Market Size of Harness Industry

  At present, China's domestic wiring harness most of the foreign joint ventures or joint ventures, accounting for 42% of China's wire harness industry, private enterprises accounted for about 37%.

  With the development of automotive electric, intelligent driving, car networking, the domestic car wire harness industry scale will grow further. Domestic self-harness business will also be with the cost of decline, technological breakthroughs, the market scale has steadily expanded.

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