Version Design Of Automotive Wiring Harness In Addition To Vehicle Needs

- Dec 01, 2018-

The tape leads to bundling, abrasion resistance, insulation, flame retardant, noise lessening, marking, etc. in the wire harness on the automobile, and generally is the reason for about 30% in the actual wrapping material. The tape for that wire harness is generally partitioned into PVC tape, Egyptian cotton tape and cloth mp3. 3 types. PVC recorded argument has good wear opposition and flame retardancy, as well as temperature resistance is around 80 °C. The noise reduction seriously isn't good and the price is cheaper.

 The design and manufacture of the automatic terminal crimping machine have changed the status quo of the manual crimping of the automotive wire harness terminal. At the same time, the crimping process and quality from the wire harness terminal are completely guaranteed by the equipment of the automatic terminal crimping machine, which greatly eliminates the crimping with the automobile wire harness caused simply by human factors. The incurable quality is unstable. Also, the use of this automatic terminal crimping machine greatly improves the project efficiency of the employee, reduces the labor intensity, and achieves good financial and social effects.

 The consumer defines the wire harness in the database. There is a data table in the database to store your wire definition data on the wire harness. The data desk includes the wire bundle name, the wire harness program code, the wire, the 棂 node, along with the leaf node. There are 5 data fields inside table. A record defines a wire.

 The test flow on the system is as practices: the wiring harness for being tested is connected towards interface slot, the single-chip microcomputer is started, and the single-chip microcomputer enters waiting for the PC to transmit the test command state--the PC sends the start test command to begin the single-chip test principal program test main program to find out each wire individually and Send each wire test result to the PC analysis system - PC analysis program compares the info sent by the MCU using the definition in the wire harness data source - PC analysis program displays or prints the actual test report - Finish of test or subsequent Harness testing.

 The shearing die on the crimping machine must match the requirements of mold doing the job conditions, processing technology and also economical use. It provides wear resistance, toughness, low energy resistance and annealability. Thus, the shearing die with the wire harness crimping machine is actually formed by quenching and high temperature annealing of alloy metal.

 The function of the PVC pipe is similar to that of the bellows. PVC pipe has good flexibility in addition to bending resistance, and PV (the pipe is mostly closed, so the PVC pipe is primarily used for the branch in the wire harness to make your wire smoothly transition. The warmth resistance temperature of the PVC pipe isn't high, generally 80 Underneath °C.

 Therefore, how to improve the general performance design of automotive wiring harness has become the focus of attention, and automotive wire harness manufacturers no longer simply engage in wire harness layout and manufacturing, and the pre-development of automobile host manufacturers is now an inevitable trend.

 The copper used by the connectors is generally brass and bronze (the firmness of brass is slightly lower than that of bronze), and brass is the reason for a large proportion. Furthermore, different coatings can be selected based on different needs.

 The development of in-vehicle positioning equipment can make CPS technology widely utilised in urban road traffic. That is of great significance for improving the road traffic conditions in my big city and properly using relatively tight route resources. The use of smart CPS terminals in the car may also be a matter of the longer term.

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