What Inspections Ought To Be Carried Out On The Acceptance From The Wiring Harness?

- Dec 17, 2018-

 (1) The wire material within the wire harness should conform to the regulations, check the drawings 1 by 1, whether the length of the actual wire exceeds the tolerance, if the connector pin is correct, if the packing material is firm, the arrangement ought to be neat, no damage, the indication is complete, correct and obvious;

 (2) The connection between the terminal and also the connector should be firm, and also the crimping of the cold-pressed terminal must adhere to the crimping specification;

 (3) The materials for example connectors, bushings, cable ties, insulation tapes, etc. are free through stains and damages, and the actual cable ties are tightly injury and entangled;

 (4) When the corresponding electric performance test is carried out based on the use of the product, the main electrical performance shall reduce short circuit, open circuit, misalignment, as well as indirect contact failure, etc., to become 100% conductive.

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