What Is The Short-break Detector Used To Do?

- Dec 28, 2016-

A short break tester is a very useful tool for checking whether a machine is qualified for normal use. It is mainly used to detect and monitor some of the need to connect the machine components to see if they are used in conjunction with each other when there is not a momentary power failure phenomenon. In other words, there are some machines in the life need to use the environment in the bumpy vibration, so that the machine components may occur between the contact bad phenomenon.

If the line between the bad contact with the component, then it is easy to appear instantaneous power failure phenomenon, which can easily damage the machine. Manual inspection efficiency is too low, because the power is only a moment, may not be able to use the naked eye to observe the results. So need to use a short-break detector to check, it is a lot of time in the machine detection need to use. This instrument can accurately detect the inter-connected parts of the machine between the contact status.

It can detect the machine lines and some parts in the vibration of the use of the environment. The main instrument is to detect the contact is not good, in the case of vibration is not there is the phenomenon of instantaneous power failure. If this phenomenon exists, then this machine is not sold or continue to use, because the use of the time there will be security risks.

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