What Issues Should I Focus On When Selecting Wire Harness Materials?

- Dec 15, 2018-

The wire harness is really a wiring component for connecting various electrical equipment within the circuit and is composed of the insulating sheath, a terminal, the wire, and an insulating covering material. The quality and service life from the wire harness is closely related to picking the wire harness material, so whenever selecting the wire harness material, it's certain to Be cautious and take top quality first from the source. jiafu wire harness engineer said, the factors affecting the caliber of the wire harness usually include cables, terminals, plastic shells and other people.

 First, the choice of cable

 According to the different conditions, choose the appropriate wire. For instance, the ambient temperature of the vehicle engine is high, and there are lots of corrosive gases and liquids. Consequently, it is necessary to use temperature, oil, vibration and friction proof wires; wire on the automated transmission. Must be resistant to temperature and hydraulic oil, and its temperature stability ought to be good; weak signal sensors ought to use shielded wires, such because of the crank position sensor and topple sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor, and so on.; the inner wire of the doorway should be made of cable with high bending resistance.

 2nd, the choice of plastic spend

 The commonly used materials with regard to plastic parts mainly include PA6, PA66, AB MUSCLES, PBT, pp, etc. When creating the plug-in, different materials could be selected according to different requirements, and flame retardant or reinforcing materials could be added to the plastic based on the actual situation to achieve reinforcement or The objective of flame retardant, such as including glass fiber reinforcement.

 Third, the material choice of the terminal

 The terminal materials are primarily brass and bronze (the solidity of brass is slightly less than that of bronze), and brass makes up about a large proportion. In add-on, different coatings can be selected based on different needs, such as container plating, gold plating, and so on.

 Fourth, the choice of additional accessories

 wire harness accessories play the actual role of abrasion resistance, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-interference, noise decrease, and beautification of appearance. Usually, auxiliary materials are selected based on the working environment and space. Excipients will often have the following types:

 1, mp3

 The wiring harness is made associated with PVC tape, acetate tape, insulation tape, conductive tape, copper foil, and so on. The tape acts like a lot of money, insulation, conductive, marking, etc. within the wire bundle. Different tape label materials could be selected according to different requirements.

 2, casing class

 The casings tend to be PVC pipe, glass fiber pipe, silicone tube, heat shrinkable pipe, spiral tube, etc., which perform the role of flame retardant, padding and protection. PVC pipe offers good flexibility and bending opposition.

 3, tin materials

 The quantity of tin in the wire bundle can also be relatively large. The tin materials has lead-free tin bars, container bars containing a silver, tin cable, etc., and is mainly used with regard to immersion tin and welding at the conclusion of the wire. It can be selected based on the purpose.

 4, hardware head course

 The hardware head is mainly employed for injection molded parts. The equipment head has DC head, BNC mind, stereo head, DB head, HARDWARE head, DIN head and RCA mind. The hardware head also must select the model specifications and materials and plating based on different usage environments.

 5, rubberized materials

 The rubber compound can also be used for injection molded components. The commonly used rubber substances are 45P, 60P, etc., that are different in hardness and solidity, and are selected according to in order to needs, and different colors will also be selected.

 6, packaging materials

 You will find other packaging materials, such because cable ties, end tapes, PE totes, cartons, aprons, etc., which will also be selected according to packaging needs.

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