Wire Harness Assembly Helping Structural Process Requirements

- Nov 30, 2018-

The procedure database is the basis from the automotive wiring harness set up system. It not only shops the structural information and process information of every wire harness product, but also provides basic data for example raw material information, process methods and process parameters for that system description product info and process decision.

 For that withstand voltage test, whenever a high voltage is put on a circuit, the program terminates the circuit as well as performs grounding treatment. Each loop is tested 1 by 1. If there is just one loop in the check system, the system floor is automatically tested with regard to high voltage. The endure voltage test has 2 methods: normal test as well as fast test. The normal test can be used for the distributed capacitance and capacitive device within the circuit. The cable tester may be the platform for completing the machine integrated wiring test, and also the complex wire harness assembly system should be realized. For integrated cabling testing, an additional test interface adapter is needed to complete the interface between your tester interface and these devices under test.

 The software runs within the real-time multi-tasking operating program environment, making full utilization of the functions provided through real-time multi-task management, inter-task conversation and synchronization services, as well as interrupt management, and runs in exactly the same system concurrently with some closely coordinated processes.

 The carrying system includes a carrying platform and the conformal jig. The conformal jig from the automotive electrical appliance is installed on the carrying platform to become designed, and is excited through the excitation platform connected towards the carrying platform. The vibration table can be used as an excitation source through the Lupu signal to imitate the vibration condition from the vehicle under different road conditions and within the exercise state, thereby providing a test environment for that electrical system mounted about the bearing platform, and the whole inspection system framework. In the perspective of providing experimental environment for that test, it is required how the entire test load bearing platform and also the accompanying conformal clamp imitate the installation state from the tested electrical appliance in the vehicle whenever possible, which is the geometry from the bearing platform during the assembly procedure for the wire harness. Size needs.

 The outer diameter from the wire harness depends mainly upon two factors: the extrusion flow rate from the plastic and the main traction speed from the system. When the program is running stably, the primary traction speed reaches the actual set value, and the outer diameter depends only about the extrusion flow rate from the plastic, the flow price increases, the outer size increases, and the external diameter decreases. The speed from the extruder screw is adjusted throughout the system's variable speed operation to alter the plastic flow rate to keep the wire diameter. Once the extrusion flow rate is actually constant, the traction pace is increased, and the outer diameter from the wire harness assembly product is reduced; otherwise, the outer size is increased. The extrusion flow price of the plastic is dependent upon the screw speed and also the structure of the extrusion gear. The extrusion equipment is comparable to a heating furnace gadget, which can be equal to the first-order inertia in addition pure lag link. The actual screw speed control program is DC closed-loop pace regulation, and the model could be equivalent to the second-order inertia hyperlink.

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