Wire Harness Provide A Total Of Service Equipment For A Given Load Source Group

- Oct 27, 2017-

The harness provides the service equipment for a certain load source, such as trunk lines, switching devices, control systems, and so on. The basic research of the theory of traffic is to study the relationship between traffic volume, call loss and harness capacity. Harness is an important basic concept in traffic theory.

The load source is the service object of the harness, usually refers to the user device; broadly speaking, the upper level device is the load source of the next level device. In the telephone communication, the load source is also called the source, the number of service devices in the wiring harness, called the wiring harness capacity, and Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the wiring harness. The capacity of the harness is V, which serves the N load sources. Any of the load sources that originate the call can occupy an idle service device in the harness.

Common faults in the car lines are: poor contact with the connector, short circuit between the wires, open circuit, ground and so on.

There are several reasons for the following reasons:

1) natural damage

Wire harness use more than the use of the period, so that the wire aging, insulation rupture, mechanical strength decreased significantly, causing short-circuit between the wires, open circuit, ground, etc., resulting in wire bundles burned.

2) Damage to the wiring harness due to failure of the electrical equipment

When the electrical equipment overload, short circuit, ground and other failures, may cause damage to the wiring harness.

3) human failure

Assembly or maintenance of auto parts, the metal objects will be crushed wire harness, so that the wiring harness insulation layer rupture; battery positive and negative lead wire reverse; overhaul circuit failure, random access, chaos cut wire harness wires, etc., can cause electrical The device is not working properly.

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