Wiring Theory And Assembly Procedure For Passenger Car Wiring Harness

- Dec 08, 2018-

1. wiring theory of traveler car wiring harness

 (1) The actual electrical equipment from the passenger vehicle adopts the single-wire program, that is actually, only 1 wire from the electrical gear is attached to one pole from the power supply, and another wire is actually replaced with a frame (chassis as well as engine body), that is connected towards the negative pole from the battery with the frame. The bond between the actual wiring harness and also the frame is known as the grounding metal. The traveler cars currently manufactured in China are made associated with negative metal.

 (2) As well as the high-voltage ignition collection, the traveler car utilizes low-voltage cables, the fuel car utilizes 12V, and also the diesel vehicle uses 24V electric battery.

 (3) Every electrical device is really a parallel signal, so it may work on its own.

 (4) Every electrical equipment has a security device to avoid the burning up of electric equipment because of short signal.

 (5) The actual ammeter must have the ability to measure the actual charge as well as discharge from the battery. Consequently, the current of every consumer must go through the ammeter and also the battery to create a cycle.

 2. Assembly procedure for passenger car wiring harness

 (1) Prior to loading the vehicle, prepare the actual wiring harness from the car, numerous lamps, devices, electrical home appliances, wipers, washers along with other components as well as assembly resources.

 (2) Place the whole vehicle wiring funnel. When the actual wiring funnel is routed across the undercarriage, the related fixed leg and also the wire harness ought to be welded across the air tube at times of 1m about the chassis. The plastic material cable can be used to connect the cable harness. Once the wire funnel is routed across the roof column, the line is threaded about the beam. A rubberized protective ring ought to be installed. In a nutshell, there ought to be no looseness, pulling, hanging, and so on. during the actual assembly procedure for the cable harness.

 (3) Installing of body lighting. Pay focus on the grounding dependability and sealing from the luminaire. The actual sealing materials is JGY-1 closing glue or even 502 adhesive. The glued part may be the edge from the rubber from the lamp, the contact between your body and also the screw pit.

 (4) Set up passenger vehicle meters, changes, electrical elements. Jiangsu Cable Harness Manufacturing plant reminds you that you ought to pay focus on prevent unintentional grounding as well as poor get in touch with, and there isn't any interference in a variety of electrical elements.

 (5) Link the wiring funnel and components for example lamps, yards, switches, and so on., and the actual harness connection is organization and dependable, without seapage or mis-insertion.

 (6) Examine the coach circuit, adjust the actual performance of numerous switches, examine the motor after beginning the set up, check the actual engine procedure, check water temperature, essential oil pressure, atmosphere pressure, present meter tip, and identify the lighting of numerous lamps within and away from vehicle, check Qualified to accomplish the conclusion checklist.

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